Boat Registry Database

To use this new Boat Registry feature a member may login and browse or search for members of group P323. For the first phase of implementation you may access this by signing in, select "Members" from the menu, and choose the option for View the Memberlist or Search for Members. You may search on data fields such as vessel name or state from the menu. Once you have a listing, choose a userid to display the boat information for that member. From here you can also send a message to that userid/owner, by selecting the envelope icon below their name (if email is enabled), or by selecting Send PM for a private message. The next phase of this enhancement will provide a listing more similar to the current static boat database.

Until the implementation of the next phase we still include the static boat listings here on this page:

Registry Contents

  • Owners Email Contact (optional for display)
  • Pearson Model Number*
  • Hull Number (3 digits)
  • Vessel Name*
  • Hailing Port (City)*
  • State (State, province, or country)*
  • Engine Make and Model
  • Owners Comments (512 bytes text)

  • * Displayed on posts

The boat registry information is contained in your Forum User Profile where you may update it at any time. You may also contact the webmaster for assistance if needed.

P323 Google Map

The Boat Map is a Google Map (requires a gmail id) set up and administered by one of our fleet members. Once you sign in to Google and access the map follow the on-screen instructions to add your boat name and location. You may add photos if you have them uploaded on a website and provide a link (Use the Gallery on this site to upload a photo and use the photo details to find the url/path for the link). For access to the Google Map send your gmail id to Map Administrator.

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