Canvas Seat Backs

The most comfortable spot on board a 323 is nestled on the seats in the aft end of the cockpit.....because we have canvas seat backs.

Seat Backs


Install three common sense fasteners an inch above the seat, lap the sunbrella over the aft pulpit rail and fasten it back on itself in four places,....with common sense fasteners. Strengthen the canvas with four 2" nylon straps sewn into it, and put a tab around the vertical pulpit support to hold it in place. We needed a cut out for the outboard motor mount. Fit the canvas carefully to make it taunt, and don't compromise the fasteners (snaps simply won't hold) or leave out the 2" straps. Remember dark colors absorb heat so use light colored fabric unless you want warmth in colder conditions. These seat backs are one of the best things we did for our comfort. This idea works only on 323s so be kind to your friends in other boats and don't rub it in.

Common Sense

Cliff and Bezy McKay on Ceilidh (Kaylee) Hull 261